"Almost September" SPONSOR Solicitations

Support for the 2012-2013 African American Holiday Season will be solicited from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Having been awarded a grant for that 2008-2009 performing arts series, we hope this funding organization will see fit to support us again.
Donor Circle for the Arts Fund Application
click here for CA$H Application Video
Having been awarded our first Creative Assistance for the Small & Hungry (CA$H) grant for our latest full length play ("Love Machine"), we trust that this coming round of Theatre Bay Area grants will include support for the world premiere of "Almost September".
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Almost September
AADC on the road
The Plaza of San Jose
Thirty East Julian - Suite #218
San Jose, CA 95112-4076 USA
(415) 378-0064
Additional support is being requested from the below funders:
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(408) 216-9877
Cell Phone