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Welcome to "Almost September"

This AADC 35th Anniversary production is slated for World Premiere in San Jose, CA
Peppered with 20th century African American history, this haunting play explores class and generational issues.

It's the story of a successful but overbearing mentor who strives to protect her extremely promising graduate school student. Unfolding in the upper middle class back yard of a traditional small town Black college setting, the attractive pupil becomes enthralled with a ruff at the edges, up and coming blues musician who oozes sex appeal.

Will the ingenue follow the tradition of her sage or the pounding of her heart? It's Almost September!
Recent News
African American Drama Company secures the rights to produce the world debut of "Almost September"
Long time AADC employee Ajene D. Washington has agreed to allow our Company to premiere this new play. AADC Executive Director Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker will star and Artistic Director Phillip E. Walker will direct the show for Black History Month 2013 in celebration of the Company's 35th Anniversary.
"Almost September" Playwright Ajene David Washington
Since historically an integral part of modern theatre success has depended on continuing to explore the works of a particular new playwright, AADC strives to establish Mr. Washington as its Playwright-in-Residence.
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Almost September
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The 2012 "Bronx Recognizes Its Own" playwriting grantee, Ajene won ADELCO awards for direction & design, and has now become a prolific playwright. His scripts have enjoyed professional production at the likes of New York's Harlem Theatre Company, Hadley Players and 78th Street Theatre Lab plus North Hollywood's The American Renegade Theatre. With Manhattan's Public Theatre now considering a production of his work, companies to have read his plays include Nashville's Dark Horse Theatre and the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.
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